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Personal Training

The fitness center will be proud to offer personal training programs that will provide our residents with a choice from a team of certified trainers that will be capable of assessing goals and providing personalized, unique programs specific to meet the needs of the individual.

  • MtooleAdria Lopez
    Fitness Instructor

    Adria was born and raised in Miami, FL, she comes from an office background in Management, Human Resources and Bookkeeping. She has been passionate about fitness for the last 5 years and decided to gain her certification as a Personal Trainer through World Fitness Association. Immediately after receiving her certification she started working as a Group Fitness Instructor specializing with seniors. Adria has experience with strength training, weight training, group fitness, stretching, balance, injuries, limitations and more. She has created a unique career where she has combined both her passion in fitness, her passion to help others and has lead her to be a unique trainer where she focuses and teaches mind muscle connection. She is motivational and carters to your needs.

  • Andy Black
    Fitness Instructor

    Over the years I have been involved in many different athletic activities. I have played football, baseball, golf, bowling and softball. During this time, I have been lucky enough to acquire many injuries, sore joints and pain throughout my body that affected the way I moved and the way I lived my life.
    Twenty years ago I decided to start working out in a gym with weights. My ego got the better of me from time to time, and I came away with a few more injuries and more sore joints. Come to find out, I was not lifting weights in the correct manor. I wasn’t paying attention to the proper body alignment, correct weight, amount of reps, and my mobility. All in all, I was making poor posture even worse. Even with all the pain I still loved working out. In order for me to continue to push my body, I had to figure out how to fix all the pains and stiffness I was having to deal with each day. I decided to look into fitness training. I learned the correct ways to exercise and push the body without causing the injuries and sore joints. It was like a light bulb came on in my head. Not only did I see improvements in my body, I was able to fix almost all the pain and mobility problems I was having from years past. That was it, I decided to become a fitness trainer so that I could help other people meet their goals with fitness related activities.
    I became a certified personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and the National Federation of personal Trainers (NFPT). I am also certified for the TRX suspension brainer. TRX is a strap assisted body weight training program designed for anybody at any experience level. It is great for mobility, stability and strengthening of joints. I have seen what a professionally designed fitness program can do for the quality of life of an individual who so desires to feel better, move efficiently, and get stronger.

More information coming soon!